About Us

The Hirst Companies were originally founded as a family business by Mr Sidney Hirst in 1938 and specialised in magnetic instruments during the 1960s. Ever since then, Hirst Magnetic Instruments Ltd has ensured that their products are not only the best quality, but the most useful to customers in solving real magnetic measurement problems, whether it’s checking for residual magnetism or 5 Gauss lines around an MRI scanner. Along with excellent products, Hirst Magnetics also offers support and services to their customers. With support pages and calibration booking available through the website. Our engineers are just a phone call or email away for more complex questions.

Hirst Magnetic Instruments manufacture and sell a range of gauss meter products for measuring magnetic field strength and magnetic flux density in industrial and laboratory applications. With the focus on innovation, durability and practicality, Hirst’s gaussmeters have been developed with our customers and with expertise from our team of experienced engineers.

Hirst Magnetics also produces a wide range of award winning specialist magnetic instruments. More information can be found at https://www.hirst-magnetics.com/.

Hirst Magnetic Instruments believe in creating advanced engineering solutions for magnetic processes that are not only innovative, but also practical. We use the best technology available to deliver the appropriate instrument for real-world magnetic solutions. Hirst Magnetic Instruments always develop and manufacture products with the end-user in mind. This is why Hirst Magnetic Instruments are market leading in the UK and why we have a worldwide reputation for excellence.