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Calibration Services

Why book a Hirst Gaussmeter calibration?

Gaussmeter calibration is essential to keeping our sensitive measuring equipment accurate. We do so by comparing the instrument to a standard or higher accuracy. We then detect and correct any deviance from the true reading.

For Hirst Gaussmeters, we advise a recalibration every 12 months as best practice, for valid traceability. Whilst other companies can offer calibration for Hirst equipment, only Hirst can correct deviations from true readings.

It is important to ensure your Gaussmeter is giving true readings in order to:

  • Maintain quality control
  • Comply with industry specific regulations and laws
  • Maintain national and international standards

All calibrations carried out at Hirst Magnetic Instruments are traceable to National Physical Laboratory (NPL) standards using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology. Once completed, all calibrations come with a new calibration certificate valid for 12 months. UKAS calibrations are available on request.

How to book your calibration:

When you book your calibration online, please add the appropriate number of Calibrations to match the number of probes you wish to have calibrated. Once you enter your shipment information, the total cost for shipping (both shipment to Hirst, and the return) will appear. If you are sending more than 2 Gaussmeters, please contact the Hirst office to provide shipping costs. You will also need to download a form

Ensure you include your online invoice reference number provided after purchase or your booking will be invalid.

PLEASE NOTE: Your box/package must be 50cm(L) x 32cm(W) x 16cm(H) or smaller, and 3 kilograms or lighter.

  • Please fill out the form with your details and online online purchase reference number.
  • If there are additional items, damaged items, or you have a specific request, please include in the ‘additional message’ at the bottom of the form or staple an extra sheet to your form.
  • Pack the form with your Hirst Gaussmeter when returned to us via Hirst's preferred courier DHL
  • Once booked, you will be contacted by Hirst's preferred Freight forwarder, DHL, to ship your Hirst Gaussmeter to us under IPR - Inward Processing Relief (for information only, see details below)
  • The return postage has been paid for by your online purchase and will be sent via Hirst's courier.
  • The calibration will take up to a week. We will return it to you as soon as possible after completion.
  • If we find that the contents of your package do not match the service you have paid for, we will be in touch. This will delay the scheduling of your calibration.

International Customers outside of the United Kingdom:

IPR (Inward Processing Relief) - the following information will be included on the airway bill and invoice:

  • Goods are being returned for repair/calibration and must be imported into the United Kingdom under the IP (Inward Processing) Procedure
  • CPC (Customs Procedure Code): 5100000
  • Our Inward Processing Suspension Authorisation Number: IP/0922/764/26
  • Commodity Code: 9031808000
  • Supervising Office: HMRC - S0842, IP-OP Customs Liverpool, Graeme House, Group 3, Floor 3, Central Mail Unit, Newcastle, NE98 1ZZ

Download Calibration Form

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