The Rugged Transverse Probe is coated in brass to ensure the probe is unlikely to snap during frequent use in tough, heavy handed environments. Comes with caliration certificate.

  • Brass coated probe for tough wear and tear
  • Ideal for rugged environments such as NDT
  • Versatile, semi-flexible probe
  • Visible sensor
  • 4 ranges of measurement – same as standard Transverse Probe
  • Nulling function
  • Convenient hold button on probe
  • UK Delivery: 5 to 7 working days from purchase
  • EU and Rest of World Delivery: 7 to 10 working days from purchase

Why Choose the Rugged Transverse Probe?

The Rugged Transverse Probe has all of the capabilities of the standard Transverse Probe, but is more robust for use in tough environments.

The TP002R is for those who need the capability of measuring, magnetic flux density and magnetic field strengths within the range of 0-±3.00 T to ±3.00 mT or ±30.00 kG to ±30.00 G. The TP002R can be used immediately with current any GM07 and GM08 models. The probe comes as standard with a 1.5m cable.

The Rugged Transverse Probe is suitable for a wide range of applications where access allows the probe to be orientated to the magnetic field as shown in the diagram. The sensor is located towards the end of the probe. 

Rugged Transverse Probe Measurement Ranges (when used with the GM08 or GM07)

The Rugged Transverse Hall Probe has the same measurement capabilities as the TP002 Standard Transverse Probe.

Range 13.000 T30.00 kG2388 kA/m30.00 kOe
Range 2300.0 mT3.000 kG238.8 kA/m3.000 kOe
Range 330.00 mT300.0 G23.88 kA/m300.0 Oe
Range 43.000 mT30.00 G2.388 kA/m30.00 Oe

Rugged Transverse Probe Dimensions

Express Service 

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TP002R Rugged Transverse Probe

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