Which Gaussmeter should I use?

If you are not sure which Gaussmeter to choose, this should clarify which is best for your application. The GM07 and GM08 Gaussmeters offer the same ranges of measurement and the same key functions. Both are compatible with all of the Hall and Fluxgate probes currently on offer. However, there are some difference that will make one more suitable for your application, than the other.

GM07 and GM08

The GM07 is an entry level Gaussmeter at great value for money. The GM07 is ideal for spot-checking applications on the shop floor where records are not required or are easy to create manually. The GM07 will hold up to 100 saved readings, but there is no way to export data. 

The main difference between the Hirst Gaussmeters is that the GM08 has a number of interface options, allowing the user to create documents, change menu settings more easily and even control the Gaussmeter using a PC. The GM08 can records up to 100 readings at once, using the 'HOLD' and 'SAVE' options in the menu.

These are time-stamped and easily exported, meaning spreadsheets of data can be automatically created using the GM08 software options. Data can be downloaded to Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheets or to a CSV format file. Drivers for Labview are available to download here.

The GM08 also has an external power connection for constant use without the worry of batteries running low. The GM08 is well suited to desktop use, laboratories and even rugged shop floors where readings are taken frequently through the day and need to be recorded.

GM09-1 (Coming Q1 2024)

The GM09-1 new for 2024 is really all about making things easier with built in applications modes (“Apps”) for everyday measurements. It also features a touch-screen interface and rechargeable Li-ion battery compatible with the extensive range of Hirst Hall sensor probes.

The built-in Apps ensure standard tests and measurements can be carried out with ease and minimal effort. Data-logging features allow the retrieval of data using a simple USB interface, no additional software is needed as the GM09-1 appears as a USB mass storage device. This is the preferred option for many and the latest gaussmeter available from Hirst.

  GM09-1 GM08 GM07
Probe included (TP002) Y Y Y
Carry case included Y Y Y
Zero Flux Can Y Y Y
Auto Zero function Y Y Y
Backup Y Y Y
Data storage Y Y Y
Retention of data after power off Y Y N
Direct Current (DC) Y Y Y
Direct Current Maximum (DC Peak MAX) Y Y Y
Effective AC Maximum (AC Peak) Y Y Y         
Effective AC (AC RMS) Y Y Y
Effective AC Maximum RMS (AC MAX RMS) Y Y Y
Automatic mode Y Y Y
Analogue output Y Y X
USB-A port X Y X
RS232 interface Y Y X
Software Y Y X
External Power Supply X Y X
PSU X Option X
Built in application modes Y X X
Single Axis Probes Y Y Y
USB-C interface Y X X