• Zero Gauss Chamber - Fluxgate Probes

The Zero Gauss Chamber allows easy nulling of the Gaussmeter and Fluxgate Probe in a few simple steps. 

  • Zero Gauss Chamber for easy nulling
  • Compatible with the Fluxgate Probe only
  • Not suitable for Hall Probes
  • Does not come as standard with other items
  • UK Delivery: 5 to 7 working days from purchase
  • EU and Rest of World Delivery: 7 to 10 working days from purchase

Why would you need to null a Gaussmeter and Probe?

If you are not getting a zero reading on your Gaussmeter, even when you are away from magnetic interference, nulling is a simple kind of calibration that ensures the Gaussmeter is still accurate. By putting the probe into the chamber, you are ensuring that no magnetic fields or magnetic flux are interfering with the probe. You can null the probe and Gaussmeter to ensure a true zero reading is given and any inaccurate readings that may come about by exposing the probe to a magnetic field for a long time are reset. 

Nulling is not a replacement for a full calibration. You must send your probes and Gaussmeter for a full calibration every 12 months to ensure ongoing accuracy. 

How do I null my Gaussmeter and Fluxgate Probe?

To null your Gaussmeter and Fluxgate Probe, simply select the 'nulling' option from the Gaussmeter menu and insert the Fluxgate Probe sensor into the Zero Gauss Chamber. Allow to calibrate and remove the probe when finished.

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Zero Gauss Chamber - Fluxgate Probes

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