Durable, easy-to-use Gaussmeter for something different

The GM07  is our entry level Gaussmeter. With a Transverse Hall Probe as standard, the GM07 is suited to a wide range of applications where there is no requirement to export data from the Gaussmeter. 

  • DC accuracy of better than ±0.5% standard probe and Gaussmeter
  • Standard sensitivity Transverse Hall probe included
  • Range of Axial, Transverse, High Sensitivity and Fluxgate probes available to allow and extremely wide range of measurement 
  • Visible sensor point on probe
  • Intuitive menu set-up with non-volatile memory
  • Store measurements, up to 100 at a time
  • Dot matrix display with menu driven functions
  • Powered by 4x AA cells
  • UK Delivery: 5 to 7 working days from purchase
  • EU and Rest of World Delivery: 7 to 10 working days from purchase
With a Hirst Gaussmeter, you can rely on a product that has been developed with durability, precision and usefulness as core qualities. The GM07 is robust enough for rugged shop floors and accurate enough for laboratory use. With a one year guarantee and calibration certificate included, the GM07 Gaussmeter is ready to use and simple to operate.

Some example applications include:

  • Computer disk Drive Actuators
  • Loudspeaker Air Gaps
  • Electric Motor air gaps
  • Magnetic ‘strength’ testing for food industry separators
  • Spot checking magnetic field strength for Non-destructive testing (magnetic particle inspection)
  • Verifying compliance with IATA, IACO and FAA regulations on magnetism from packages to be shipped by air with AFG100 Fluxgate probe
  • Non destructive Testing (Magnetic) with Robust option TP002R
  • Goods inward and Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Magnet calibration
  • Transformer Stray Field measurements
The GM07 is ideal for a wide range of applications. If you do not see your desired application on the list, or to ensure the GM07 is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us

The GM07 is a basic version of the GM08 Gaussmeter. Without external connectivity or the ability to connect to PC, the GM07 is a hand-held Gaussmeter with a wide range of functions and applications at great value. 

The GM07 comes with the TP002 Transverse Hall Probe, however, you may need an additional probe to suit your application. See our range of transverse and axial probes here.

Full Measurement Ranges

Normal Sensitivity Probe

TP002 (supplied)

AP002 (option)

High Sensitivity Probe

TP002HS (option)

AP002HS (option)

Fluxgate Probe

AFG100 (option)

Range 1

3.000 T30.00 kG2388 kA/m30.00 kOe
Range 2

300.0 mT3.000 kG238.8 kA/m3.000 kOe
Range 3Range 1
30.00 mT300.0 G23.88 kA/m300.0 Oe
Range 4Range 2
3.000 mT30.00 G2.388 kA/m30.00 Oe

Range 3
300.0 µT3.000 G238.8 A/m3.000 Oe

Range 199.99 µT999.9 mG79.60 A/m999.9 mOe

Range 29.999 µT99.99 mG7.960 A/m99.99 mOe

Range 3999.9 nT9.999 mG796.0 mA/m9.999 mOe

Range 499.99 nT999.9 µG79.60 mA/m999.9 µOe


With Hirst products, you can expect excellent reliability and accuracy. During manufacture, the accuracy of nuclear magnetic resonance is used to determine the irregularities and non conformities of the GM07 and GM08 with the Hall Probe. This is stored and used mathematically to automatically correct readings taken by the GM07 and GM08. This enables very linear and accurate measurements to be obtained. Every GM07 and GM08 comes with a certificate of calibration valid for one year.

Margin for change over repeated measurements
Calibrate to standards traceable to the National Physical Laboratory 
Margin of difference from true reading, probe AND Gaussmeter

Express Service 

* Please note that our express service does not include the standard shipping prices which will be invoiced separately. This service is to cover the cost of expediting the manufacturing process and dispatching to you within 48 hours. This service is subject to stock and availability at the time of purchase. Please contact us before using this service to ensure availability.

  • Meter
  • Standard Transverse Hall Probe
  • Probe protection
  • Zero Flux Can
  • Calibration Certificate
  • Case
Repeatability ±0.1% Margin for change over repeated measurements
Traceability ±0.8% Calibrated to standards traceable to the NPL National Physics Laboratory (UK)
Accuracy ±0.5% Margin of difference from true reading, probe AND Gaussmeter.
Full Specifications
Frequency Range DC and 15 Hz to 10 kHz (-1%)
Display Rate 3 readings per second
Functions DC, DC Peak, AC RMS, AC Peak, AC Max
Contact Time 100 milliseconds (average)
Display Dot Matrix Graphics LCD
Memory Type Non-volatile
Temperature Coefficient Better than ±0.1% of reading/ºC including probe
Battery Type 4x AA cells longlife, 1.5V Alkaline (not supplied)
Optimum Operating Temperature 0ºC – 50ºC (30ºF - 125 ºF)
Optimum Storage Temperature 20ºC – 70ºC (70ºF – 150ºF)
Language Modes English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German

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GM07 Gaussmeter with Transverse probe

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    * Where applicable

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